Making It: Dragon | Branding & Promotions
Brand & Art Direction, Design and Animation
Using Art Director Marcelle Gravelle's incredible, handmade practical set as a starting point, we set out to extend the world she created with paper butterflies, newspaper-wrapped trees, glitter waterfalls, and cute dragons. Director Ryan Sage handcrafted the entire cast out of paper, felt, and string, and we moved it further along by bringing them all to life with fun and cute animation. Our beloved dragon went through multiple identities, at first being deemed to scary, before settling into it's own, felt skin. And when an early cut of the spot was flagged for using too much show footage, the solution was the creation of more animated crafts and the deconstruction of the existing dragon to make a cute, baby dragon that stole the show.
Agency: NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital

President, NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital: Len Fogge
EVP, On-Air Marketing & Video Creative: Ron Hayes
SVP, Original Production: Tracy Grandstaff
Director: Ryan Sage​​​​​​​Director of Photography: Chuck Ozeas
Art Director: Marcelle Gravelle
Director of Photography: Chuck Ozeas
VP, Video Design, Magic: Kari St. Clair​​​​​​​
Creative Director, Magic: Grant Okita
(Non-Practical) Design, Animation, 3D Modeling/Rigging/Animation: Brian Williams
Animation, Compositing: Tim Norman
Audio Design: Jeff Dittenber
This project was produced at NBCUniversal.​​​​​​​

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