Previsualization was, perhaps, the most interesting aspect of this project, as I was able to experiment with both traditional animatics as well as VR-created animatics, which allowed for a very quick turnaround of visualization and execution. The ability to quickly sketch a Universal backlot in 3D and then animate a fly-through by just walking and using my hand as the camera was a huge benefit for a project with such a tight deadline and requiring a lot of ground to cover.  

Agency: NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital

President, NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital: Len Fogge
EVP, On-Air Marketing & Video Creative: Ron Hayes
SVP, Original Production: Tracy Grandstaff
VP, Video Design, Magic: Kari St. Clair​​​​​​​
Creative Director: Grant Okita
Design, Previs, 2D/3D Modeling/Animation: Brian Williams
2D/3D Modeling/Animation: Jacob Vouniozos

This project was produced at NBCUniversal.

I was also able to experiment with alternative forms of media, including a VR version of the piece, as well as a more Youtube-friendly 360 degree version.
(Click and drag the video below to view in 360)

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